Dipping into the mailbag

Thanks for all your comments. I wanted to a take a moment and respond to some of them:

Welcome to MLBlogs, Jason. I was wondering if you actually owned a dog, just because I know some of the players pose with dogs from the shelter for the pet calendar. Anyway, nice to see you on here.  – Mateo

Yes! I do own a dog. I have a 7-year old, 43-pound Boston terrier named Sadie. The reason she is not in the pet calendar is because she stays in Massachusetts with my in-laws during baseball season. Sadie has allergies and health needs that require quite a bit of attention. It is best for her to have her cared for by our family than board her while I am traveling all season. We get to see her while I am playing against the RedSox, as well as over the All-Star break. My wife and son see her every other week, as they go back and forth between Baltimore and Massachusetts. Someday when I am not traveling so much and I have more time, I hope to have a few dogs! I have always wanted a boxer, and we love our Boston, so maybe we will have one of each. Do you have a dog? Thanks for writing!

Nice blog Mr. Hammel! Even though I’m a Brewers fan, I am a fan of yours. I hope you can get off the DL soon and push the Orioles to the postseason! I was also wondering if you could check out my blog “Bleacher Boy.” Come and check out a kid’s view on all things baseball.David S.

I appreciate that very much, Thank you! I am excited to be back. I love this time of year and happy to be back with my team and feeling great! I will check out your blog for sure. Thanks man!


  1. David

    I really appreciate you replying to me. It’s amazing to know an MLB star replied. Made my day! I’m excited to follow you blog. I was wondering if I could ever possibly interview you? If this is a possibility please email me at thebleacherboy@yahoo.com
    Thanks a lot man! I hope one day you can come to Milwaukee!
    -David S.

    • Jim Cloonan

      H8 Mr. Hammelk, Tioy are a mighty fine pitcher… love to see you pitching for the Cleveland Indians some day. You’re dog is so cute… I’ve always haver had labs or lab mixes… my favorite was a lab Newfoundland mix named A Chara. He was a big beast who was always ready for play.

      cheers, Jim

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