One of the best things about the offseason is that I get to spend time with my family. My son and I share a love for LEGOs, so I was excited when Brickworkz offered to make a LEGO portrait capturing my one-hit shutout against the Braves. I thought this was such a cool and creative idea and jumped at the opportunity to have the mosaic made.

The mosaic is based on a picture from that game of me pitching:


Here is an awesome video of the mosaic being built:

Thank you Brickworkz for the LEGO mosaic that my son and I can play with together!


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  2. Roger Thomas

    Just read about your trade to the Cubs.Congratulations, sounds like a good move move for you. As well as being Mariners fans we are now Cubs fans as well.

    Roger and Denice

  3. misterlou

    Welcome to the Cubs, Jason. You may be in better company than you think. The Cubs had 26 blown saves last year – 17 by July 3rd. An improved bullpen, which we HAVE, this year, should mean fewer of those blown saves on the stat sheet – preserving more wins for the Starters. If we had had 11 Blown Saves last year, like Atlanta did, instead of 26, we would have had a record of 81-81 – much better than the 96 losses we DID have. Pitching and Defense win ball games. A 1-0 game is still a win – and 1-0 games are well pitched, well defended games. We will have a better offense this year, than last. But it will be our pitching – especially the back end boys – that will get us to the playoffs.

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