One of the best things about the offseason is that I get to spend time with my family. My son and I share a love for LEGOs, so I was excited when Brickworkz offered to make a LEGO portrait capturing my one-hit shutout against the Braves. I thought this was such a cool and creative idea and jumped at the opportunity to have the mosaic made.

The mosaic is based on a picture from that game of me pitching:


Here is an awesome video of the mosaic being built:

Thank you Brickworkz for the LEGO mosaic that my son and I can play with together!


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Just read about your trade to the Cubs.Congratulations, sounds like a good move move for you. As well as being Mariners fans we are now Cubs fans as well.

Roger and Denice

Thats really cool I used to love legos and would build ballparks.

Welcome to the Cubs, Jason. You may be in better company than you think. The Cubs had 26 blown saves last year – 17 by July 3rd. An improved bullpen, which we HAVE, this year, should mean fewer of those blown saves on the stat sheet – preserving more wins for the Starters. If we had had 11 Blown Saves last year, like Atlanta did, instead of 26, we would have had a record of 81-81 – much better than the 96 losses we DID have. Pitching and Defense win ball games. A 1-0 game is still a win – and 1-0 games are well pitched, well defended games. We will have a better offense this year, than last. But it will be our pitching – especially the back end boys – that will get us to the playoffs.

It was such a treat to work with your family on another project, Jason! I look forward to hearing how we can work together to raise money/awareness for your charity organizations!

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