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Dipping into the mailbag

Thanks for all your comments. I wanted to a take a moment and respond to some of them:

Welcome to MLBlogs, Jason. I was wondering if you actually owned a dog, just because I know some of the players pose with dogs from the shelter for the pet calendar. Anyway, nice to see you on here.  – Mateo

Yes! I do own a dog. I have a 7-year old, 43-pound Boston terrier named Sadie. The reason she is not in the pet calendar is because she stays in Massachusetts with my in-laws during baseball season. Sadie has allergies and health needs that require quite a bit of attention. It is best for her to have her cared for by our family than board her while I am traveling all season. We get to see her while I am playing against the RedSox, as well as over the All-Star break. My wife and son see her every other week, as they go back and forth between Baltimore and Massachusetts. Someday when I am not traveling so much and I have more time, I hope to have a few dogs! I have always wanted a boxer, and we love our Boston, so maybe we will have one of each. Do you have a dog? Thanks for writing!

Nice blog Mr. Hammel! Even though I’m a Brewers fan, I am a fan of yours. I hope you can get off the DL soon and push the Orioles to the postseason! I was also wondering if you could check out my blog “Bleacher Boy.” Come and check out a kid’s view on all things baseball.David S.

I appreciate that very much, Thank you! I am excited to be back. I love this time of year and happy to be back with my team and feeling great! I will check out your blog for sure. Thanks man!

Welcome to HammelTown!

After our first exciting year in Baltimore, we are ready to settle down and get going on some projects that are near and dear to me and my family. The first member that my wife Elissa and I welcomed into our family is Sadie, a 40lb 7 year old Boston Terrier. She has been with us through the excitement of the World Series with our first team Tampa Bay, a 3 year run with Colorado and a whirlwind year in Baltimore that took us to the Playoffs.


jason & sadie (crop E)

sadie and Esadie ball

She’s been there through it all, most recently welcoming our newest family member, our son Beckett. They are best friends, playmates, brother and sister, and share every part of the day together. Sadie is even Beckett’s throwing coach, retrieving balls for hours on end, maybe helping him carve out a future baseball career??


We’ve always wanted to do something that honors the love we have for our 4 legged family member and have some exciting things in store this season!

So stay tuned for updates on events and happenings in HammelTown,