1. Lou Lohman

    Well done you. That first game of yours was a Gem. And you won – WE won. The thing is, the Team is going to really depend on the pitching staff – the Starters especially – to keep the game in hand – until the offense learns how to deal with “men in scoring position” and “situational hitting” and stuff like that. You set a GREAT example. Thank you for being as good as we thought you were.

  2. Bob Macht

    Hey Jason- so glad to have you in the rotation for the Cubs this year. Born and raised in Chicago, but now a 30 year resident of your hometown, Port Orchard, Washington. Everyone here is so proud of you and all the other South Kitsap Wolves that have made the bigs. Keep up the good work and Go Cubs ! Bob Macht

  3. Joseph

    Jason, do you even check these?!

    If you do: I know you’ve had a rough go at the Coliseum thus far, but don’t let it get your down, buddy. Hey, I know that the fans can be a little rough at times, but we’ve been a little spoiled when it comes to pitching.

    I didn’t condone the booing of Johnson, but people paid and I guess they can do what they want when it comes to that. I’d rather have Johnson feeling good about himself and being lights out on the mound in Oakland. Booing guys doesn’t make sense to me. Is it their impression that he didn’t want to do well. And that you don’t want to do well?

    Anyways, I hope you’ve had a good 10(?) days off and get after it. There are folks that are pulling for you – we’re just not as loud as the boo birds.

  4. Christine

    Sorry bud but you aren’t helping us …..we as A’s fans keep the faith but you have only won one game since you have been with the A’s …..I know everyone needs a chance and some time …..but please don’t take offense we need to win right now please sit this out or figure out what you need to do …..to win ….we need this !!!!!!

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